The last act of ISRI2022 played out March 24 in a ballroom at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center in Las Vegas. ISRI’s voting directors cast their ballots for national officers and directors-at-large for the 2022-24 term.

After the handover, Chair Brian Henesey of Rocky Mountain Recycling thanked Immediate Past Chair Gary Champlin of Champlin Tire Recycling for his service. Henesey promised to serve the association with openness, honesty, and courage. “The challenges of the past two years have not only made us stronger, but also have better prepared me to chair ISRI,” he says. “We have a strong foundation in place, excellent staff, and committed volunteer leadership.”

For guiding the association through COVID-19 and other challenges, the board presented Gary Champlin and his wife, Debra, with a trip to the Canadian Rockies.

After his election, Secretary/Treasurer Neil Byce of CW Metals congratulated his electoral opponent, Joel Litman of Texas Recycling, for his leadership within ISRI. Byce thanked his family, ISRI, and coworkers. “Past chairs of ISRI, you are my mentors,” he says. “I appreciate all the help and coaching I have gotten from you along the way.”

ISRI’s other national officers for 2022-24 are Colin Kelly of Schnitzer Northeast, chair-elect; Kripke Enterprises’ Andy Golding, vice-chair; and ISRI President Robin Wiener.

Newly elected directors-at-large are Brandi Harleaux of South Post Oak Recycling Center; Aaron Plitt of AMG Resources Corp.; Andrew Wahl of  TAV Holdings Inc.; and Leonard Zeid of Midland Davis Corp. ISRI congratulates director-at-large candidate Sunil Bagaria of GDB International Inc. on his service as Plastics Division chair in 2020-22 and his continued help in the association.

A reminder of the uncertain world ISRI’s new leadership faces came from Maciej Shefke, Gdansk, Poland-based commercial director at ISRI member Opes Group. He made a request for help for Poland, which has taken in more than 2 million refugees from the war in Ukraine. “They will have to find jobs and schools; they must reinstate their lives,” he says. He likens Poland’s social services to metal that has been heated and stressed but has not broken.

ISRI is making donations to Doctors Without Borders and World Central Kitchen to help in the humanitarian crisis. For a list of Polish charities, email Wiener.

Photo courtesy of ISRI.






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