Excited to explore ISRI2021’s virtual exhibit hall but not sure where to start? No problem. Scrap News spoke with the convention’s Platinum sponsors for a sneak peek at what attendees can expect from their booths and to find out what these companies are looking forward to about ISRI2021. Check out part 2 of those conversations to learn what SciAps and Volvo CE have planned for their booths.

Caterpillar Inc.

What is CAT presenting at the ISRI2021 booth?

CAT will present products including Material Handlers, Wheel Loaders, Specialty Excavators, and work tools like Orange Peel Grapples. We’re also presenting services like CAT Safety Services, Customer Value Agreements, and Fleet Management. The main showcase will be the formal introduction of our new MH3250 and MH3260 tracked Material Handlers. Attendees will get a feel for the breadth of purpose-built products and solutions CAT offers for the recycling industry.

What is CAT excited about for ISRI2021?

CAT is excited to introduce the new MH3250 and MH3260 tracked Material Handlers. These models combine proven/legacy components of previous tracked Material Handlers with systems and technologies of our existing Next Generation Excavators. CAT’s design philosophy on our newer Material Handlers from the MH3024 to MH3260 is to combine what has worked in the past with what is working now.

When designing the new tracked material handlers, we knew customers wanted durable, serviceable, and proven products. We leveraged structures and components from the proven 330D MH and the 345C MH and incorporated existing systems and technologies from the current Next Generation excavators.

How is the demonstration virtually accessible? 

Over the past year, CAT has learned to leverage existing marketing collateral, assets, and services to fully represent our products, services, and dealer capabilities virtually. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to showcase the MH3200 Series tracked Material Handlers in person, as they are very impressive machines. We’re transferring the typical actions during an in-person trade show—walk-arounds or testimonials—into clear and concise messages promoting the value we bring to the table.

What do you hope people take away from your presentation?

I hope the attendees leave knowing CAT is listening to their input, be it equipment needs to critical requirements (durability, reliability, commonality) and leveraging proven components/systems to deliver a solution that meets their needs and expectations. We also have dedicated teams to support customers and dealers from machine selection and sizing to site assessments and back-of-the-house support. We value our partnership with customers and dealers. 

LBX to Link-Belt Excavators (LBX) 

What is LBX presenting at its booth?

LBX will present a 300X4 with an LXS 55R second member shear and a 250X4 SL with a Winkle magnet. Attendees will get to learn about how our cost-effective Link-Belt material handlers run and stay productive. The 300X4 with the LXS 55R shear is a mid-sized machine that is easy to transport from one yard to another. Our 250X4 SL is an ideal material handler for small or large scrapyards. The machine can stack, load, and unload a variety of trucks ranging from a pickup to an over-the-road truck.

What is LBX excited about for ISRI2021?

This is our 20th anniversary with ISRI! In addition to celebrating that milestone, we are always excited to show off some of our machines. This will be our first opportunity to participate in a virtual trade show. We had a lot of fun putting together the video pieces and hope to get some good feedback about our featured machines. ISRI going virtual this year will provide a new avenue to interact with our dealers and customers. We hope to learn from this experience to add a future platform to reach our end users more efficiently.

How is the demonstration virtually accessible?

We will provide attendees with more detailed information about our material handling products. A virtual booth also allows us to have several industry experts available to answer questions.

What do you hope people take away from your presentation?

We hope our customers are just as excited about having an ISRI virtual show, and walk away from our presentation knowing we are still here, working hard to support them with the right equipment.


What is TOMRA presenting at ISRI2021?

TOMRA’s virtual exhibit will be divided into four different material stream pillars–End-of-Life-Vehicle (ELV) processing, e-scrap, aluminum, and waste-to-energy. The exhibit gives in-depth detail of the technologies recyclers employ to profitably sort these different materials.

What is TOMRA looking forward to about ISRI2021?

We are excited to be a lead sponsor in ISRI2021 under the theme of Metal Sorting without Compromise. We look forward to connecting with new and existing customers and partners to update them on the latest and long-established developments, news, and technological innovations TOMRA offers for high-purity metal sorting. We have an extensive portfolio of recycling knowledge and advanced technologies.

How is the demonstration virtually accessible?

Although ISRI will be virtual this year, attendees will still experience the same great TOMRA hospitality. We have on-demand videos and demonstrations specifically developed so attendees can learn how our metal sorting technologies are helping recycling operations around the world successfully sort complex metal fractions. Additionally, we stocked our virtual exhibit with electronic brochures and will have subject matter experts on hand to answer attendees’ specific metal recycling inquiries.

What do you hope people take away from the presentation?

We anticipate all ISRI 2021 participants will get a better understanding and appreciation for TOMRA’s commitment and leadership in developing advanced metals sorting technology. Every year, TOMRA’s metal sorting units recover an amount of metals equivalent to the weight of:

  • 4,850 Boeing 747 airplanes
  • 85 Eiffel Towers
  • 5,500 Statues of Liberty
  • Or more than 650,000 compact cars

These metals would have been otherwise lost. We are a global leader in metals sorting technology.

What else should attendees know about TOMRA?

E-scrap has become an extremely hot topic with everyone working from home over the past year. The TOMRA FINDER with laser object detection (LOD) allows even more precise sorting of metals from plastics, creating higher purity plastics and metals streams for extruders and smelters alike. It’s the consistent pursuit of excellence TOMRA customers have come to expect.

Images Courtesy of Caterpillar Inc., LBX and TOMRA, respectively. Caption for first image: The 3250 material handler from Caterpillar in action. Check out the booth to see more information about Caterpillar’s offerings. Caption for second image: The 250 X4 material handler from LBX at work. Check out the booth to see more information about LBX’s offerings. Caption for third image: TOMRA developed X-TRACT units for magnesium removal, an x-ray-based solution that can separate magnesium from aluminum in products such as Zorba and Twitch. Check out the booth to see more information about TOMRA’s offerings.



Hannah Zuckerman

Hannah Zuckerman

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