To help you make your way through ISRI2021’s virtual exhibit hall, Scrap News spoke with the convention’s Gold sponsors to find out what attendees can expect from their booths and learn what these companies are excited for at ISRI2021.


What will yo be presenting during the convention?

We will be showcasing ReMatter Dispatch, our container tracking and dispatch software. The program enables recyclers to manage their container locations, efficiently assign jobs to drivers, and seamlessly manage dispatching to third-party haulers. Our product is cloud-based and includes an iOS and Android mobile app for drivers for ease of access on the road on any device. Scrap recyclers can get set up on ReMatter Dispatch completely remotely. We import existing asset and company data, issue credentials, and answer any questions on Zoom. Our demo highlights all the different features so potential users can learn exactly what our product does and how it can help their business.

How have you changed your demonstration to suit the virtual environment?

We started working on ReMatter full-time in March 2020 when our team was still enrolled at Stanford University. When COVID-19 canceled our in-person classes for the remainder of the year, our team moved in together to build out our product. Over the past year, almost all of our conversations with customers and others in the industry were over Zoom, so we feel very comfortable with the virtual format. Our video demo of ReMatter Dispatch showcases our product and highlights how it can help scrap recycling businesses. We’ve been onboarding all our customers remotely and we’ve been able to effectively provide a great service without needing to be in-person. We’re very excited to meet everyone face-to-face, but we’re making the most of the virtual event.

What do you hope people take away from your presentation?

We hope attendees leave our presentation knowing ReMatter makes it simple to run your dispatching operation — for all employees involved — with relatively minimal training. Our platform is accessible anywhere, easy to learn, and constantly improving based on our customers’ feedback. Using software to improve business efficiency can and should be an enjoyable experience. Additionally, we are committed to providing best in-class customer support. Our team is always a text, email, or phone call away and are always considering new ideas our customers think would help their business.

What are you looking forward to the most about ISRI2021?

We’re excited to meet as many people in the industry as possible! Our company has received fantastic mentorship from ISRI members. We have no doubt getting to meet so many  industry operators and learning more about the industry while showing what we can offer back to the industry will be valuable. We’re also excited to meet with others who want to shape the future of the industry.

Is there anything else that you’d like to add regarding your booth at ISRI2021?

We’re offering a staff pizza party raffle at our booth if you sign up for a personalized demo of ReMatter Dispatch, stop by to learn more about what we’re building!


What will you be presenting during the convention?

This year we are looking “beyond the machine” to make new visitors aware of our total commitment to the customer. We recently introduced improvements to procedures and services affecting every aspect of SENNEBOGEN’s operations in the Americas. We also reviewed and integrated a complete range of services designed to help customers reduce their Total Cost of Ownership with enhanced services before and after the sale, throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

What do you hope people take away from your presentation?

We hope that visitors recognize SENNEBOGEN will support their business through the long haul. We are more than an original equipment manufacturer (OEM); we are a complete solution provider that can deliver all the resources a business owner needs to get the best return on their machine investment: from access to parts and service and training, to onsite application support and financing, to innovative parts kits and service programs, all focused on maximizing uptime and minimizing the cost of running a scrap business.

What are you looking forward to the most about ISRI2021?

We are most interested in hearing from customers about the changes we made, how these initiatives are working for their business, and what we can do to continue improving after the sale. We also made changes in the organization of our field staff, including our regional business managers and the new role of customer experience specialist. We look forward to learning how these changes make a difference to customers.

Is there anything else that you’d like to add regarding your booth at ISRI2021?

We’d like to remind customers and potential new customers that SENNEBOGEN puts the “purpose” in purpose-built. Our product line is more of a system than a catalogue: bring us your material handling problems and we’ll create a solution built-to-order for your specific application. We can also discuss a number of innovative technologies SENNEBOGEN developed to save costs, especially for fuel and energy. The high cost of diesel is a problem for every scrap operation, and we have several possible solutions to explore.

Photo courtesy of ReMatter. Caption: During ISRI2021, ReMatter is showcasing ReMatter Dispatch, the company’s container tracking and dispatch software. Visit their booth to learn more about the software.