Celebrating Black History Year Round

While Black History Month is ending, that doesn’t mean that the time to listen, learn and grow stops once the calendar changes to March. Every day of the year is an opportunity to expand our world view and outlook so that we understand the experiences of groups that are different than the ones we’re a part of, especially those that are marginalized.

As the year progresses, there are ample opportunities to celebrate the contributions of African Americans to everyday society. Locally, you can take part in various cultural events in your community. This can be anything from attending a play at your local community center to taking a class on a topic related to the Black experience. You can also support Black-owned businesses, whether it be a restaurant, clothing line or other type of service provider. Some places to support can be found here and here.

As we transition from Black History Month to Women’s History Month, let’s continue to work towards a better tomorrow for people across the world, and let us do our part to ensure that we make this world a better place for those that come after us. This can be done through large, grand gestures, or with something as simple as reaching out to someone that from the outside looking in, it appears you share very little with in common. Chances are that once you spend some time with that person, you’ll find that you’re not that different after all.

Photo courtesy of ekavesh via pixabay.com.