Info Liquidation Recycle , a computer and electronics recycling company based in Quebec, has moved to a new location, the company announced on March 1. After being on Poirier Street in Saint-Eustache for more than 10 years, the company relocated to 514 Chemin de la Rivière Sud, Saint-Eustache. Although it’s just a few streets away and in the same industrial park as the original warehouse, the move represents a big change for the company.

Founded in 2007, Info Liquidation Recycle specializes in collecting and processing end-of-life computers and electronics. The company originally occupied a 300-square-foot warehouse that, among other things, didn’t have a particularly good heating system. “I had to use a generator to heat my small local in the winter,” recalls Eric Després, the company’s founder, chairman, and CEO.

As the company began to grow, the premises became too small to meet the customers’ needs. A new, larger space was in order. The company first moved into a larger facility in 2008, then an even larger one in 2010, before its new space in 2021. “We had a warehouse built exactly according to our needs,” says Després. At 6,000 square feet, the new building is twice the size of the previous warehouse and more modern.

According to Després, the new location should allow the company to grow its workforce and achieve new goals. He adds that the new warehouse is a significant step because “we will be able to offer our collection services free of charge to more businesses in need.” The company will also have the opportunity to accept more material and better manage the space to classify and dismantle information technology and electronics equipment accordingly. “We will then be able to offer our customers even more efficient tools to meet their needs,” says Després.

The company moved into the new warehouse a month ago. Després notes the larger space is already helping employees feel happier and more productive.

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Image: Front view of Info Liquidation Recycle’s new building. Image Credit: Eric Després

Hannah Zuckerman

Hannah Zuckerman

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