ISRI’s 2021 Summer Board of Directors and Committee Meetings began Tuesday, July 13. Most of the meetings are open and free for all ISRI members to attend through Friday, July 16. Here are some highlights from meetings on Wednesday, July 14.

Council of Chapter Presidents

The council received an update on chapter finances and a proposed change to ISRI bylaws to allow member and associate member companies to make their local chapter either the chapter nearest their business office or the chapter nearest their principle place of business operations. Staff briefed the council on leadership development programs.

The council discussed Environmental Justice (EJ) and how chapters can direct members to EJ resources that ISRI is developing. A discussion about general outreach included strategies and tactics for strengthening recyclers’ ties to their communities.

Electronics Division

ISRI will actively participate in an upcoming Information Technology Asset Disposition (ITAD) event. The ITAD Summit will be Aug. 18-19 in Huntington Beach, Calif. Along with discussing issues related to electronics, attendees from the division will use the summit as an opportunity to advocate and encourage the ITAD community to participate more in ISRI. There also will be an electronics session during the Commodity Roundtables Forum Sept. 22-24 in Chicago, focusing on issues coming down the pipeline for electronics companies. Division members will have the opportunity to tour an industrial facility in Chicago during the forum. The division will jointly host a virtual presentation in November with the Information Technology Industry Council (ITI) on the circularity of electronic devices.

Membership Committee

Staff updated the committee on the end-of-year forecast of members and the Road to 1600 two-year drive. ISRI has a little over 1,200 members and should reach 1,310 by yearend. Leadership reminded the committee that Road to 1600 still has another year ahead in its drive toward the 1,600-member goal.


Marketing staff updated the committee on efforts to gather and interpret data from members, to better understand why companies become members, as well as member retention. Member-friendly features will be coming to, and Come Back to ISRI personalized campaigns will go out to former association members. The Membership Directory is being updated so companies can update their information online (no more 11-page fax!).

The committee approved amending the bylaws and will forward its approval to the Board of Directors for a vote.

Tire and Rubber Division

The state of Michigan has approached ISRI seeking to put information from Michigan’s road resurfacing pilot programs using recycled crumb rubber in asphalt on The site is in the process of being updated overall, and ISRI staff will share future updates with members.

The committee received updates from ISRI’s advocacy staff on efforts to ensure recyclers are properly covered by definitions of “recycling” in state regulations. Recyclers call themselves manufacturers, and it is important that states don’t consider or define their output as “solid waste.”

ISRI Chair Gary Champlin, general manager of Champlin Tire Recycling, reminded members who process tires that they need to enroll in their local chapters, as the Scrap Tire Processors Chapter disbanded last spring. Members of the former chapter remain in good standing with ISRI (dues paid) through the end of this year.

Images courtesy of ISRI.