New York-based electronics recycler Sunnking has donated dozens of hospital beds and other medical equipment to RocMaidan, the charitable arm of the Ukrainian Cultural Center of Rochester, that will be shipped to Ukraine.

Adam Shine, president of Sunnking, says the idea was born several months ago during a staff meeting. “Someone suggested donating medical equipment to Ukraine and I thought it was a great idea,” he recalls. “Like everyone, I’ve been watching what’s going on in Ukraine, and it’s horrifying. So, our team got to work thinking about what we could do to help.”

Sunnking got in touch with RocMaidan, worked through a few logistical concerns, and scheduled a date for the supplies to be picked up. As the beds and machines were recycled, Sunnking’s technicians and RocMaidan’s medical experts worked to ensure everything was in working order.

The supplies were picked up on May 27. Members from RocMaidan and the Ukrainian Cultural Center came to Sunnking to help load hospital beds, wheelchairs, exam tables, and other supplies into the shipping container.

The refurbished medical equipment donation included:

  • 14 hospital beds
  • 12 exam tables
  • 7 stretchers
  • 4 wheelchairs
  • 3 walkers
  • 2 infant exam tables
  • 1 exam/dental chair

Sunnking plans to secure several working x-ray machines that will be picked up at a later date.

“To say that it was a satisfying feeling would be an understatement,” Shine says. “We’re just a company based in Western New York. We’re a small cog in this global economy but also maybe a small part of hope and light to people in need. Knowing that we’re impacting the lives of people halfway around the world who are going through a horrific travesty is indescribable.”

Sunnking is no stranger to giving back to the community. Shine believes community service will continue to be important not only to Sunnking but companies across all industries. “It’s always been an important focus for us,” he says. “I think it’s becoming increasingly important for companies of all shapes and sizes and in various industries. It’s critically important to do your part, to love and help one another, and support the people who live and work in your community and beyond.”

RocMaidan is looking for donations, medical supplies, clothing, and volunteers to help the victims of the war in Ukraine. The nonprofit uses monetary donations to purchase tactical medical supplies, first-responder protective gear, portable x-ray machines, and any other medical equipment as needed in Ukraine. RocMaidan pays for shipping donated items (including ambulance vehicles, medical equipment, and humanitarian aid) to Ukraine. Find more information about RocMaidan here.

All photos courtesy of Sunnking.

Hannah Zuckerman

Hannah Zuckerman

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