December 20, 2021

ISRI Members Share What They’re Thankful for this Holiday Season

With the holiday season upon us, ISRI is thankful for its members, who make the work we do every day worthwhile. ISRI Immediate Past Chair Brian Shine, CEO of Manitoba Corp., Lancaster, N.Y.; Gulf Coast Region President Nidhi Turakhia, executive vice president of Allied Alloys, Houston; and Southeast Region President Barry Wolff, vice president and general manager of Charleston Steel & Metal Co., Charleston, S.C., took some time to share with Scrap News why they’re thankful this year in this special holiday edition of Industry Voices.

What about recycling or the industry are you thankful for this year?

Brian Shine: I am really thankful to hear from many ISRI members how to best share all the positive things that our members do for the environment each day. ISRI is working very hard to assist members proactively communicate this important message and information.

Nidhi Turakhia: The people! The relationships we make in this industry is something I have never seen before. I am so thankful for everyone in recycling who makes our industry so special and warm. It makes me smile when I walk into a show not knowing who I’ll meet but I know whoever it is, it is going to be super interesting.

Barry Wolff: I’m thankful for good markets and I’m extremely happy to have in-person meetings again.

What are you thankful for from ISRI?

Brian Shine: I am thankful for the incredibly committed and talented staff who support our industry so well. The staff has consistently demonstrated how vital it is for our industry’s continued growth and development.

Nidhi Turakhia: I’m thankful for all the work the ISRI staff does for our industry behind the scenes and in the open. I think we’re all very thankful that throughout COVID-19, ISRI fought to make sure recycling was deemed essential and it stayed that way.

Barry Wolf: I’m thankful for a great fall committee and board of directors meeting and Southeast Region meeting in my town of Charleston. I’m also thankful for all my friends, both old and new.

 ISRI wishes all its members and the entire recycling industry a happy and healthy holidays!