Longview, Wash.-based PNW Metal Recycling, Inc. has purchased Mayflower Metals, Inc. based in Prosser, Wash. The transaction was effective Dec. 31, 2021.

According to PNW, this is a strategic move to grow its number of facilities to buy materials in the Pacific Northwest. PNW plans to keep the Mayflower name as with its Rivergate Scrap Metals and R.S. Davis Recycling sister companies. “Our businesses have been local for decades, so the names carry recognition for the services we provide our communities,” PNW Vice President Sean Daoud says.

With the acquisition, PNW has seven locations in Oregon and Washington open to buying and processing materials. “This acquisition gives us a little bit better reach of materials in the Pacific Northwest region,” Daoud explains. “It means we will be better able to organize our material flows, trying to control a good majority of our flow from the ground.”

Also in 2021, PNW acquired Bert’s Auto Wrecking in Hermiston, Ore. PNW will continue with organic growth to support local communities in the Pacific Northwest with recycling options for metals and other materials of value, Daoud says.

PNW recently hosted facility tours for local legislators to paint an accurate picture of the industry to policymakers, demonstrating that recyclers not only provide value to the economy and environment, they also are sources of knowledge about local laws and regulations.

Photo courtesy of Mayflower Metals on Facebook. Caption: A worker bales aluminum-conductor steel-reinforced cable with a Sierra RB6000 portable baler-logger at Mayflower Metals’ Prosser, Wash., yard.