ReMA has released its Environmental Social Governance (ESG) Toolkit, the go-to ESG resource designed specifically to help recycled materials companies understand ESG expectations, opportunities, and requirements. As a ReMA member benefit, this latest addition to ReMA’s work in ESG offers a comprehensive set of tools and guidance that can be utilized daily by members in the workplace.

“The ReMA ESG Toolkit is an exciting new resource that brings a focused recycled materials industry lens to ESG,” said ReMA President Robin Wiener. “The toolkit provides relevant, step-by-step ESG guidance, and easy to use templates and tools for practical implementation by member organizations.”

Members can use the toolkit to learn about the background, concepts, value, and process of ESG strategy and implementation in the recycled materials industry. The toolkit is divided into seven chapters, covering topics ranging from explaining ESG basics to reporting frameworks and value creation. Additionally, links are provided to the ReMA library of ESG workshops and webinars.

“We know that effective ESG programs connect sustainability to business strategy and results,” added Wiener. “We are proud to offer this resource to help our members navigate in the rapidly evolving ESG and sustainability landscape within manufacturing supply chains.”

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