The Recycled Materials Association’s (ReMA) Pittsburgh and Mid-Atlantic chapters organized a two-day lobbying event on April 29 and 30 that commenced with a reception in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, drawing an impressive gathering of more than 70 attendees. This reception served as a platform for engaging discussions and networking opportunities among industry professionals, policymakers, and advocates alike. Subsequently, on April 30, members of the chapters actively engaged in meetings with more than three dozen state representatives and senators.

Engaging Legislators

During these visits, discussions with Senator Farry, sponsor of SB 946, centered on addressing the issue of catalytic converter theft, focusing on penalizing the actual culprits responsible rather than recyclers. This bill holds significant implications for combatting this specific form of theft and ensuring accountability within the recycling industry.

Materials theft discussions continued throughout the Day on the Hill, specifically on HB 791 which is a catalytic converter tag & hold bill that is currently sitting in the Senate Consumer Protection Committee and has not moved since it passed out of the House last June.

Members also met with Representative Neilson, sponsor of HB 2251, that would place specific timelines (10 days) on PennDOT for reviewing and processing applications for certificates of salvage, issuing certificates of salvage, and providing notices to owners and lienholders of abandoned vehicles. A memorandum was released on April 18 that provides more background on the topic.

Additionally, the chapter has been actively engaged in discussions regarding SB 1129, which pertains to the tag and hold process for vehicle processing subsequent to direct purchases from insurers. Working with Senator Flynn’s office, several favorable provisions were added to the legislation, although it is unlikely to pass.

Finally, the chapter met with Evan Franzese-Peterson, the Executive Director of the House Environmental Resources & Energy Committee, to discuss Environmental Justice (EJ). During these discussions, members highlighted HB 652, which mirrors the New Jersey EJ law. The Interim Final Environmental Justice Policy was issued in September 2023, where the ReMA Pittsburgh/Mid-Atlantic chapters submitted public comments.

Keeping Members Informed

As chapters progress through their legislative sessions, ReMa chapters and staff will remain dedicated to monitoring bills through ongoing stakeholder engagement and meetings with legislators. The Pennsylvania State Legislature is scheduled to adjourn on Nov. 30, 2024

For more information, ReMA’s State Resources and Tracking webpages have details on bills that ReMA tracks in each state. These pages help users stay well-informed about legislation and provide updates categorized by state or specific issue areas. Members can also access our latest bi-weekly ReMA State Update on Region and Chapter Policy Activities sent to RemA’s Lobbyist Network. The update is compiled from submissions from members and member-affiliated lobbyists.