ISRI’s 2021 Summer Board of Directors and Committee Meetings began Tuesday, July 13. Most of the meetings are open and free for all ISRI members to attend through Friday, July 16. Here are some highlights from the Recycling Education and Research Foundation (RERF) meeting on Wednesday, July 14.

The meeting began with an update from the Finance Committee on RERF’s financial statement for the period that ended June 30, comparing it to the same period in 2020. Items remaining from RERF’s Silent Auction at ISRI2021 were noted for members still interested in bidding. There will be a meeting soon to discuss RERF fundraising events and goals.

The chapter scholarship has wrapped up; RERF awarded 79 students in 29 states and Canada covered by 13 chapters over $140,000. ISRI’s $5,000 national scholarship has received 18 applications. Contact Natasha Grant, ISRI’s senior marketing manager, if you’re interested in serving on the scholarship application review committee.

There haven’t been any applications yet for RERF’s National Veterans Stipend. If you know of any organizations or interested veterans, contact Grant.

RERF accepted Neil Byce as a board member to replace Haley Glick-Rountree, and recommends him to the executive committee. The Planning Committee reviewed the new logo proposal. After a discussion on hiring a full-time RERF executive and searching for projects outside of ISRI, a motion passed to hire an executive this year, in addition to researching projects.

Image courtesy of ISRI.