On Thursday, ISRI’s winter meeting continued with discussions that reflected on ISRI’s achievements for 2020 and summarized organizational goals for 2021. The Education and Training, Membership, and Government Relations Committees all met and focused on their respective 2021 goals. Also, the Recycling Education and Research Foundation met to discuss key initiatives. The day concluded with a little bit of fun for members, the first-ever Great ISRI Cookoff. ISRI Chief Lobbyist Billy Johnson faced off against Alton Schaubhut, representing the Gulf Coast Chapter.

A summary of Thursday’s meetings follows:

  • The Education and Training Committee meeting featured presentations from Rebecca Turner, ISRI’s director of education & training, on ISRI’s virtual offerings and participation in 2020 and on educational programming plans for ISRI 2021, the convention and exposition, as well as throughout the coming year.
  • Recycling Education and Research Fund Board members presented on the nonprofit’s financials and achievements in 2020 during their meeting. Board members and Natasha Grant, ISRI’s content marketing manager, also discussed the organization’s plans for 2021.
  • During the Membership Committee meeting, Brianna Gianti, ISRI’s vice president of membership, and Andrew Coffey, director of member success, walked members through ISRI’s 2020 membership results and presented ISRI’s current membership results for 2021 and membership goals for the rest of the year. Gianti also provided an update on the Brands Council, ISRI’s effort to work with brands on increasing product recyclability.
  • The Government Relations meeting included a discussion of updates to ISRI’s “free and fair” trade policy as well as ISRI’s environmental justice strategy. The group also discussed ISRI’s 2021 advocacy agenda. In addition, Billy Johnson, ISRI’s chief lobbyist, presented on policy expectations for the Biden Administration and Congress in 2021, while David Eaton, ISRI’s director of government relations, expanded on the Biden’s Administration’s executive orders, a topic he touched on briefly during the Trade Committee meeting on Wednesday. Eaton also presented on key leaders in the Biden Administration that Congress has confirmed or is expected to confirm. David Wagger, ISRI’s chief scientist and director of environmental management, provided an update on federal environmental regulations.

ISRI’s meetings will round out Friday with a meeting of the Finance Committee and the Board of Directors. Both meetings are free and open to ISRI members.