This article has takeaways from the first week of the ISRI20201 convention and exposition. You can still register for ISRI2021 here.

Normally, networking at an ISRI convention and exposition is simple. As you gather in the lobby, attend sessions, roam the exhibit hall, or meet for happy hour, you’re naturally forming connections and relationships with your coworkers, old friends and new collaborators. But this seamless networking experience can become more challenging when you’re attending the convention virtually from your desktop in your office or home.

Remote networking may take more effort, but it’s by no means out of reach. Here are some tips to grow – and maintain – connections if you’re a remote professional attending ISRI2021.

  1. Complete Your Profile: When you first log in, you will be prompted to set up a virtual business card. This card is key to networking, as you can share it with other attendees.
  2. Just like an in-person event, you will want to arrive early to the educational sessions so you don’t miss out. There will be a waiting room for attendees prior to each session.
  3. Time-zone differences add a new challenge, so reach out to other attendees and schedule appointments in advance to make sure you connect with friends, clients, and colleagues.
  4. Post in your public chat and in the networking areas regularly. Make announcements, pose a question, or just say you are there and ready to help. This includes during sessions, at exhibit booths, and in the 11 chat rooms located in the Networking tab.
  5. If you have a booth, monitor the private side of your chat area to see who’s currently in your booth. This allows you to engage people as they come in either publicly or privately if it’s a known connection. If you don’t know the person, give them a few minutes to browse before attempting to engage.
  6. If a conversation taking place in any of the public areas hits on an area of your expertise, dive in.
  7. Use the attendee list available for download from the ISRI Hub to target specific customers, colleagues, and organizations for outreach. Look for them in sessions and other chat areas for potential engagement and invite them to connect.
  8. Visit the ISRI2021 Photo Booth in the ISRI Hub. Take your picture and post to social media using hashtag #ISRI2021 to let others know you are attending and interested in meeting up.

For additional information and tips and tricks, visit the ISRI Hub. Share your ISRI2021 thoughts, photos, and more on social media. Be sure to use the hashtag #ISRI2021 and tag ISRI on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram. We may even share your post!

To stay connected all year long, download ISRI Connect, the official mobile app of ISRI. It is designed to bring ISRI’s network closer to recyclers wherever they may be by connecting them with others in the industry. ISRI Connect features valuable tools and resources, industry news and information, and more. To download the app, visit the Google Play or Apple App Store on your device.

Photo courtesy of Jordan Harrison/Unsplash. Caption: Just because you can’t shake hands at ISRI2021 doesn’t mean you can’t network.


Dan Hockensmith

Dan Hockensmith

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