On Tuesday, Jan. 3, Buffalo, N.Y.-based WENDT Corp. announced a joint venture agreement with Bangalore, India-based PROMAN Infrastructure Services to establish a new company—WENDT PROMAN Metal Recycling Pvt. Ltd. Both WENDT and PROMAN identified India as an emerging market for shredding and separation technologies.

New government regulations in India outline criteria for defining end-of-life vehicles and recycling them. Through the government-funded policy, old vehicles are recycled and replaced with modern vehicles to ultimately achieve a lower carbon footprint in India. In addition to reducing pollution, improving fuel efficiency, and formalizing India’s vehicle recycling industry, the program also increases the availability of recycled materials for the automotive, steel, and electronics industries.

Exterior of PROMAN facility.

“With a recent increase in the consumption of steel and [end-of-life vehicles] within the Indian market over the past few years, we anticipate the volume of available scrap to also increase, opening up the opportunity for new and modern recycling plants,” says R.S. Raghavan, PROMAN managing director. “Our joint venture with WENDT will allow us to offer complete shredding and recycling solutions at a competitive price with local after-sales support in India.”

The joint venture leverages the two companies’ complementary expertise as WENDT is a leading recycling machinery supplier and PROMAN specializes in heavy industrial equipment. Employing over 150 people, PROMAN will contribute local manufacturing infrastructure, an exclusive sales network, post-sale service and support, and expertise in India’s industrial market. WENDT will supply a comprehensive portfolio of shredding and nonferrous product designs and solutions, engineering support, and 45 years of experience in recycled materials.

Interior of PROMAN facility.

With the announcement of the formation of WENDT GmbH in August 2022, this joint venture agreement demonstrates WENDT’s continued commitment to global expansion.

“We are proud to join forces with PROMAN—combining our experience in auto shredding and leading-edge technology with their large-scale manufacturing capabilities and Indian market expertise,” says Tom Wendt, President of WENDT Corp. “The combination of our complementary services allows us to properly serve the expanding market needs of the Indian market and surrounding regions as a full-service organization.”

Photos Courtesy of WENDT PROMAN Metal Recycling.

Hannah Zuckerman

Hannah Zuckerman

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