ISRI’s Board of Directors presented President Robin Wiener with flowers at the start of their meeting on Monday, March 21, at ISRI2022. After Chair Gary Champlin of Champlin Tire Recycling noted how much work staff had to do to keep ISRI connected during the COVID-19 pandemic, Wiener responded, “The last two years have been incredibly trying. All of us on staff are grateful for the confidence you had in us.”

Tom Bird, president of the Bureau of International Recycling, spoke briefly about the essential nature of recycling, which he said the pandemic reinforced across the globe. “We produce resources; we’re not waste. It’s important to get that message across the board,” Bird says.

The board approved a request from the Government Relations Committee for ISRI to join the Safer Hauling and Infrastructure Protection (S.H.I.P) Coalition of more than 80 organizations to lobby for an increase on truck weights on interstate highways. The board approved the Paper Davison’s request for a new specification 37-S, Silicone Release Liners.

ISRI Resources co-chairs Joel Denbo of SA Recycling and Doug Kramer of Kramer Metals Inc. briefed the meeting on ISRI’s RecycleGuard® Insurance Program, which has brought in about $400,000 in royalties that will be used to fund ISRI safety programs.

Secretary/Treasurer candidates Neil Byce of CW Metals and Joel Litman of Texas Recycling gave their campaign speeches ahead of the March 24 board elections. Recycling Education and Research Foundation Chair Kevin Lamar of Dynamic Metal Services outlined the RERF Silent Auction, which runs through 2 p.m. EDT March 23.

Youth Outreach Subcommittee Chair Peter Van Houten of Bob’s Metals Inc. introduced the winners of the ISRI-JASON Learning 2021-2022 Youth Recycling Video and Poster Contest. Mark Monteleone and Joei Tarrazi, high school seniors from Marine Academy of Science and Technology (MAST) in Highlands, N.J., are this year’s poster winners. Ani Nishanian and Namira Meghla, fifth graders from Willow Springs Elementary School in Fairfax County, Va., were awarded this year’s winning video entry.

ISRI’s retiring board and committee members will each receive a set of highball glasses etched with the association’s logo. “Orange juice works, too,” jokes Champlin.

Photo: ISRI Chair Gary Champlin presents President Robin Wiener with flowers in appreciation of her work during the past two years. Photo courtesy of ISRI.






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