During ISRI2021, ISRI’s virtual convention, be sure to tune into the session Disruption at the Ports: Congestion to Container Shortages – A Conversation with FMC Commissioner Rebecca Dye, on April 28, from 2:45 – 3:30 p.m. EDT. The Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) is the independent federal agency responsible for regulating the U.S. international ocean transportation system for the benefit of U.S. exporters, importers, and the U.S. consumer. In 2020, the FMC launched multiple investigations to address a variety of ocean transportation problems. FMC Commissioner Rebecca Dye was responsible for directing wide-ranging investigations beginning with the disruptions at the Los Angles, Long Beach, New York and New Jersey ports and the associated container shortages.

ISRI2021 will also feature sessions on safety, health, and transportation issues. Here’s a sneak peek at some of those sessions and the speakers to keep an eye out for.

Five Fundamentals for Fire Safety and Prevention in the Recycling Industries, April 20, 2:45 – 3:30 p.m. EDT

In this session, Kenn Kunze of IC Fire Prevention LLC will discuss five critical components of fire safety. Attendees will learn how to create an effective fire prevention and emergency action plan, understand pile management, integrate employee engagement at their facilities, recognize how addressing the details can prevent major issues, and identify who is really responsible for fire safety at their facilities.

Kenn Kunze

Kenn Kunze of IC Fire Prevention LLC is a retired Battalion Chief with 30 years of experience in the Combat Division of the Fort Wayne Indiana Fire Department. Kunze has worked in the recycling industry since 2015 as an NFPA Certified Fire Inspector I. He helped develop the ISRI Fire Prevention and Management Plan and is currently performing an ISRI-funded study to assess fire risks in the recycling industries.

Questions Senior Leaders Should Be Asking About SIF Prevention in Their Organizations, April 22, 12:45 – 1:30 p.m. EDT

Session attendees will learn how to challenge the long-held practice of concentrating on minor incidents and hoping for a trickle-up effect. They will also be able to ask the necessary questions to examine their organization’s improvement strategy, while fully understanding why and how safety improvement works.

Jerry Sjogren

Jerry Sjogren manages the development and administration of E.L. Harvey and Sons, Inc.’s safety program and environmental issues. He oversees compliance with all levels of related government regulations, safety and environmental training programs, EHS policies incident investigations. Sjogren also received training in numerous employee relations and government compliance subjects, and served as a speaker at various professional affiliated meetings and seminars.

OSHA Update, April 27, 12:45 – 1:05 p.m. EDT

In this session, members will receive an update on OSHA legislation, compliance directives, letters of interpretation, and trends in enforcement under the new administration. The session will also review where the agency focused its efforts in the past year and what new directives it will target moving forward.

Ryan Nolte

As ISRI’s director of safety outreach, Ryan Nolte assists members with EHS issues, regulatory information, conducts training, and provides guidance on EHS practices. Nolte possesses 18 years of experience managing EHS programs in the scrap recycling industry.

The Importance of FMCSA DataQs/Registration Resources for the FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse, April 28, 12:45 – 1:05 p.m. EDT

This session will answer several questions, including what is the DataQ’s system and why you need it; how can you protect your Compliance, Safety, and Accountability (CSA) scores; and what information is needed to register for the FMCSA Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse? Attendees will come away with the knowledge and the resources to successfully register and complete FMCSA’s registrations.

Commodor Hall

As ISRI’s transportation safety director, Commodor Hall’s responsibilities include conducting member DOT safety assessments, providing feedback as a safety matter expert, and serving as a technical writer for safety programs and initiatives. Hall has more than 35 years of transportation, health, and industrial safety experience.

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