Maple Heights, Ohio-based recycling equipment supplier Ohio Magnetics has redesigned its website. The new take on the site categorizes its Ohio Magnetics and Stearns lifting and separating products so customers can quickly find all the available options. New website content includes product and application images and videos as well as updated product specification tables and company history.

“Our new website was designed to help customers easily find details about our magnet systems,” says Tim Schuh, Ohio Magnetics sales manager. “We also added a new communication tool to quickly reach our team with product inquiries and other questions.”

Karen May, marketing program manager for Ohio Magnetics parent HBD Industries, joined the company in November 2020 and began working to update the sites for all HBD companies. “Specifically with Ohio Magnetics, we were going through the product line, and it seemed like the old website was really product-focused but not really solution- or application-focused,” she explains. “I spent probably the better half of a year working with the team going through their products and finding a more efficient way from the customer perspective to organize the site.”

Another priority for the companies was search engine optimization or SEO. “In the industry, lots of times there’s multiple forms of jargon for one application, or one product name; different companies and different people call [a product] different things,” May says. “You want to capture that so that when people are Google searching for replacement parts or solutions, they can find you.”

Ohio Magnetics repurposed resources it already had in its quest to make the site extremely user friendly. “We took the best parts of the [existing product] catalog, and we created product tables. You can find links on all the product pages but then they’re also in the ‘Product Information’ section,” May says. “Our ‘Contact Us’ section is very detailed; [questions] get immediately emailed to the right person based on location, so that we can make sure that those get responded to right away.”

Founded in 1917, Ohio Magnetics’ lifting systems range from cast to fabricated housings with aluminum and copper windings for most ferrous handling applications. Stearns-branded magnetic separation equipment ranges from permanent magnets, electromagnets, and control systems for extreme environments.


Photo courtesy of Ohio Magnetics.

Dan Hockensmith

Dan Hockensmith

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